Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weeks 10 and 11: Exhibit Design

After a semester full of exciting discoveries, it was time for us to pull together the information we gathered about energy and create an exhibit for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History! The task seemed very daunting at first, but with everyone working together we were able to create a great exhibit.

To begin with, we each brainstormed different ways we could convey information we learned in our lessons to the public. It was important for us to keep in mind the different audiences our exhibit would have. We made a list of how to present our information to young children, our peers, and adults for each topic we came up with. After everyone was done brainstorming, we sifted through the ideas to see what was feasible to create in the timeframe we were working with. We also mixed and matched some ideas at this points to create a working idea everyone was satisfied with. In the end, we all agreed to create an exhibit focusing on the energy necessary to bring our food to our table. Everyone can relate to food so we thought this was a great start!

Before we ended the meeting that week we made a list of all the components required to make our exhibit a success. Everyone signed up to work on the parts they felt matched their skills the best.

At the next meeting, we set to work right away creating all of the pieces we needed for the exhibit. We wanted our exhibit to have the feel of a restaurant/cafeteria. This required people create food choice cards, placemats, takeout menus and other items a person would find at a restaurant. Samantha from the museum's marketing department also came down to help us decide what large signs we needed printed.

Everyone was busy at work this session to create all of the pieces for our exhibit opening. Stay tuned for pictures and descriptions of our final product!

The picture album for these two weeks can be found here

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