Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 6: Planning out the components of the exhibit

On Thursday, we discussed what types of things we wanted to include in our exhibit.  The teens came up with ideas such as making the exhibit more interactive, but also making sure the games will not be confusing. We also looked at the exhibit from the previous Energy Net session to see how we would utilize that space and improve upon the previous teen's work.

Energy Net members discuss and plan what they want to create
A teen and Energy Net Intern measure the size of one of the tables currently in the exhibit space to ascertain how much space they have for the new components of the exhibit
The students then broke up into teams to work on the different aspects of the exhibit. The students wrote out a title for each exhibit component, what their aspect of the exhibit would be, what materials they would need, and what they wanted the museum visitors to get from their portion of the exhibit.

One group of teens are working in a group to draw out what they want to include in the exhibit.

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