Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 10: Final Touches

Our exhibit opens this Saturday! Today the teens put some of the final touches on their exhibit activities. The 3-D watershed model now has a frame! The teens filled in the remaining topography with paper mache. The landscape all slopes downhill towards the river. All that remains is the final paint job and placing the model inside the display box.

Finishing the paper mache for the Flow and Goes activity.
We had lots of little pieces to finish for the Grey to Green activity. The teens finished making 20 water cards for each sustainable practices. The cards show the installation cost and water captured by each practice. 

Water cards for the Grey to Green activity.
It was all hands on deck to glue and paint the remaining building blocks. Visitors will place these buildings on the cityscape. The teens also spray painted the rain barrels green and made some additional green roof and rain garden pieces. We should be all set to  assemble part of the exhibit on Thursday!

Gluing and painting the building blocks. 
Constructing the green roof squares.

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