Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week 3: February 18th

For this week, there was only one EnergyNET session since the Tuesday session was cancelled due to bad weather.  On Thursday the teens spent the day working on a solution based project, in which they were split into different groups (environmentalists, fossil fuel companies, and local government) and each were given specific roles.  The project dealt with building new communities in Eastern Pennsylvania, and the students had to work together to decide where to build the community along with determining whether to use wind turbines, fossil fuels, or a combination of both as their electricity source.

The teens split into the three groups working with each other to decide what would be the best option for each of their specific positions.  The teens then talked to other groups to debate and negotiate their standpoints to figure out an outcome.  Most came to a decision, but they continued their discussion the following session until a final result was reached.

Students working in groups on solution based project

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