Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 10: Final Exhibit Preparations

The team is hard at work this week putting on the finishing touches for our exhibit for the opening this Sunday, April 13th at 3:00! We are very excited for everyone to see what we've been working on all semester!

The rain garden is finished! The final product includes replica native plants and some cute wildlife.
Some of the team painting native cardinal flowers.
The beautiful rain garden!
The house will show visitors how rain barrels work! A rain barrel is set at the bottom of a gutter which collects all the rain that falls on the roof. The water can then be used to water a lawn or wash a car!

A teen puts the finishing touches on the house. Looking good!
With the help of the Pittsburgh Filmmakers, the teens have put together an awesome video highlighting what we've learned this semester. It will give visitors a quick lesson in green infrastructure! 
Check out that focus!
We're officially in the home stretch! We've had another great semester at Energy Net and learned so much. We can't wait to share what we've learned with all the visitors at the museum! 

It took a lot of planning to get where we are now!

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