Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 9: Caution Construction Zone

Today we made great progress on the exhibit components. The rain garden group began building the rain garden out of a large wooden box that will be filled with pool noodles and covered with coconut cloth.

Working on the rain garden box.
Fake flowers will stick into the coconut cloth to represent native plants in the rain garden. The Geosquad finished making all of the plants for the rain garden. 

Crafting the rain garden plants.
We also did some painting today! We painted till we couldn't paint another stroke. Mac and cheese orange was the color selected for the table that will hold the green infrastructure map. Another group of teens spray painted the rain barrel green.

Painting to exhaustion.
Spray painting the rain barrel.
And the video team finished the last of their interviews! Two weeks to go!

Video shoot!

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