Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 3 Thursday October 30th: Human interaction with each other and soil

At Energy-Net, the team worked on a Pittsburgh Industry Timeline activity. Each teen was given a card with an event related to Pittsburgh's history. The teens were then challenged to determine where on the timeline each event was supposed to go. Afterwards, we went over the timeline and corrected any misplaced events.
Rob brainstorming with the teens where the events go on the timeline 

Michelle and one of the teens going over the timeline
Afterwards, PhD candidate and paleoclimatologist David Pompeani gave a presentation about ancient lead pollution. He is responsible for finding the oldest lead pollution in the world! He gave a history of the ancient origins of lead contamination and the techniques used to determine previous levels of lead. He also discussed how lead contamination affects human health. High levels of lead can cause headaches, kidney damage, aggressive behavior and even lead to a lower IQ. He ended with a discussion of his research, which looks at how mining affects lead pollution in lakes.

David Pompeani giving his lead pollution presentation
The Energy-Net staff then gave the teens Straight Talk. In this activity, staff members talked with the teens to tell them what they are doing well and how they can improve. In the future, the teens will be giving the staff members straight talk, so that the staff can be evaluated and make Energy-Net a better experience for everyone. 

                                                                 Happy Halloween!  
One of the interns with the skeleton in the Energy-Net Classroom

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