Friday, October 31, 2014

Week 3 Tuesday October 28th: GPS Adventures

At Energy-Net today, we began with a recap of the field trip to Gamp Guyasuta this past weekend.

The team listened to an audio excerpt about recent research that explored the microbial diversity in urban soils. 

We then had the teens practice their communication skills through an icebreaker where half of the students could talk but not see while the other half could see but not talk. The teens had to work together to line themselves up in order of their birthdays. While it was a challenging exercise, it was very rewarding to see the teens complete the task and find ways to communicate. 
Two of the teens bonding outside

Afterwards, the Energy-Net team went to Schenley Park to learn about how to use a GPS. Rob explained to the teens how to check coordinates using a GPS. He also talked about the precision of GPS devices. The teens used a map to find the circles that the staff had previously set up set up at various locations in the park. The teens then recorded the coordinates of the circles using the GPS.

The teens working in groups to take the GPS coordinates 

Afterwards, we evaluated the day's activities as a group.

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