Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week 9: Tuesday January 27th - Coming Back Strong

On Tuesday we performed some team building exercises and welcomed our new students and interns. It was great to see everyone again and we are all looking forward to continue to develop our exhibit. The two main activities that were performed by the teens were a Tower Building Competition and an Obstacle Course. 

Teens constructing a tower out of pipe cleaners.
The teens were given a box, 2 newspapers, 25 pipe-cleaners, a length of tape and string. Using these materials the teens had 10 minutes to create the tallest tower possible.

The second team building their tower.
The teens showed their creativity and problem solving skills when creating the towers. The competition ended in a tie, as it was not stated that body parts could not be used.

The end of our obstacle course, with one of the new interns.
The teens built and guided their fellow teens through an obstacle course. This involved crawling under a table. Then they navigated over several chairs and had to guide a table to the white board. At the white board they had to draw a cat. After the cat they were guided to the skeleton. Our resident skeleton felt much love as everyone had to hold his hand.

Steve and his new friend Karl!
Keep checking-in and seeing what our team develops as the Spring Term continues.

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