Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 11 - Thursday, February 12th 2015: Carnegie Museum of Art and more creative communication

Thursday continued off of Tuesdays focus on creatively communicating science. The first activity was taking the teams into the museum of art to examine the exhibits and analyze what makes art effective. How it grabs attention, how it communicates feelings and messages, why we feeling something from it, and so on. Then, a few volunteers shared the pieces of art they selected with the class and spoke about their analysis of it.
An example used to show how visuals can easily and effectively communicate knowledge.

Next, some of the creative ideas from Tuesday were shared with the class to give everyone a starting point for the next activity. The four teams again came together to condense the 2 most important findings from their research on Tuesday and wrote them on sticky notes. Then individual teens placed their sticky notes next to potential creative exhibit ideas on the whiteboard. 
Creative and interactive exhibit ideas!

Ideas with the fewest sticky notes next to them until 4 remained, and then each team was assigned an idea to further brainstorm and develop. The teams worked on this until the end of session.

Having a little fun during the break.

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