Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 10: Tuesday February 3 Lead Jeopardy and E-Net Exhibit Space

On Tuesday, we all went up into the museum to view the space available to develop our exhibit. While we were there we broke into our groups, Peachs, CREAM, Flaming Wolves and Swizzle Dizzle Penguins. While in these  groups we brainstormed different ways to develop the space and how to incorporate different exhibits in with ours. These included such things as using our projects and developing them further with some of the activities that we have done previously.
Our exhibit area has shrunk :( We have from the grey wall to the end of the carpet and from the windows to the end of the table. We will have to get creative to utilize this space in the most efficient way.

Lead Jeopardy: A creative game to teach people about lead.
After viewing the museum we came back to our room and played a game of lead jeopardy. It ended in a tie between the two teams Swizzle Dizzle Penguins and Flaming Wolves; against Peaches and Cream. This game goes into depth with uses, pollution, contamination and remediation, and health affects. 

Keep checking in to see how the E-Net exhibit continues to be developed for its debut on April 11th. 

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