Friday, March 18, 2016

Week 7: March 15th and 17th

On Tuesday March 15th, we had the privilege to work with local documentary filmmaker, Kirsi Jansa, in a video workshop. Kirsi gave an informative and helpful presentation on the basics of shooting film by discussing film composition, shot types, variations in angles and depth, the flow of a video, importance of audio, and lastly editing tips. 

After Kirsi's presentation, the group split into two. The first group went to the Green Room to work on their projects while the second put Kirsi's lesson into practice. The teens who worked with Kirsi practiced shooting different interview styles and experimented with angles, lighting, depth and the other components of film that Kirsi introduced to the group. Each teen was able to create their own masterpieces by playing the role of director and cameraman. The teens did a great job honing the new skills learned in today's session. 

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