Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 5: March 1st and March 3rd

On March 1st we were visited by a special guest Becca Shreckengast, Director of Exhibition Experience atCarnegieMuseum of Natural History. She talked with us about what makes a good exhibit/layout and how to develop an exhibition that involves the audience. We came up with a sample exhibition about the 'History of Shoes' and she demonstrated a plan for the layout of the made-up exhibition. The rest of the time was used to work on the Exhibit Proposal drafts. 

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Becca Shreckengast demonstrates how to plan an exhibit on History of Shoes  
On March 3rd, a presenter named Olivia Hric from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History's Distance Learning Lab (DLL) brought in animals for the teens to meet. They brought in a baby alligator named Albert, a leopard tortoise named Betty, and a blue-tongued skink named Miley. The teens got to touch the animals and interact with them. The impact of air quality on animals is something that Energy-Net is very interested in. The rest of time was spent finishing the Exhibit Proposal drafts. 

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A presenter from the DLL brought in a spotted tortoise for the teens to meet 

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