Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 1: An Exciting First Day!

Teen personal ambitions collages.

Today was the first day of Energy-Net for the spring semester and we are all really looking forward to this session!

Here are some of our thoughts when asked, "What are you most excited about this spring?!?!?!"

Lindsay:" I'm excited about opening the teens up to environmental issues and jobs that I care about!"

Lauren: "I am excited to improve upon last session's exhibit!"

Michelle: " I'm excited about working as a team"

Shountese-" I'm excited about being here and meeting new people."

Amber- "I am excited about doing field work. I am also excited about learning about the different jobs here in Pittsburgh."

Alannah: "I am excited about learning about local jobs in Pittsburgh!"

Isaiah: " I am excited about everything!"

Rebekah: "I'm excited about learning what environmental job opportunities are available in Pittsburgh."

Cameron:"I'm excited about helping keep Carnegie world class"

Justice: "I am excited about everything "

Oddyssey: "I am excited about learning new things and this amazing opportunity."

Lyza: "Im looking forward to learning more about green jobs"

Cierra:"I really enjoyed the first day back. I am really excited for when we finish our next the exhibit"

Mikayla: "Im happy to be participating in EnergyNet!"

E.J.: ''I'm lookin' forward to that warm weather, and working on the exhibit."

We have a lot of fun and educational field trips planned. Stayed tuned to learn more about what we discover about "green" jobs in Pittsburgh throughout the semester.

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