Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 2: Pitt Campus Tour

Today we visited Pitt's Geology Department to interview Katie Redling, a lab manager, and Dr. Dan Bain, an assistant professor in Geology. Katie gave a tour of geochemistry lab where she analyzes water and sediment samples. The teens practiced their interviewing skills by asking Katie questions about her job.

Katie talking to the teens about her job as a lab manager.
Dr. Dan Bain talked to the teens about his research and his experience as a professor. He talked about research he conducted in Baltimore on sediment sources and different types of metals. The teens interviewed Dr. Bain and practiced operating the camera. 

Dr Bain talking about his favorite metals.
Next, we visited Pitt's Benedum Hall. There was a rooftop garden we visited, which is built on top of the engineering classrooms. Urban rooftop gardens help oxygenate the area, mitigate storm water runoff, and provide green space within a city. 

The green roof at Benedum Hall.
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