Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 4: Get Creative Challenge & Exhibit Brainstorming

Today we warmed up with a couple of fun activities and we got a chance to write to our Professional Pen Pals.  After we got the creative juices flowing we began brainstorming in small groups about our new mission statement which allowed us to narrow down what the new and improved exhibit will focus on.

Energy Net teens asking questions to our Professional Pen Pals
Next, we took a trip upstairs to visit our current exhibit in order to think about what we would like to change and improve upon for the upcoming months. The teens instantly picked out many things that they feel didn't work well in the current exhibit and they had a lot of creative and helpful suggestions to make it better.
Sticky notes with ideas to improve the exhibit
Then we went back downstairs to brainstorm in small groups. This time each group was given a topic to think about and then come up with an idea for the exhibit that would better explain the topic to the visitors of the museum.
Brainstorming creative ideas to enhance our current exhibit. 

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