Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 5: Debates and Developing Material Lists

We kicked off today with a heated debate about ALCOSAN's plan to address combined sewer overflows. Pairs of teens were given specific roles including the president of ALOCSAN, a representative from the Environmental Protection Agency, an environmental engineer, an environmentalist, and a landscape architect. They then debated which solution, pipes and tunnels or a mix of green infrastructure and pipes, was the best solution. In the end, the team representing ALCOSAN won the debate because they had the strongest arguments.

Preparing for the debate.
After the debate we had a guest visitor! Our first green jobs guest! Brent Lahaie a civil engineer at the Urban Redevelopment Authority came in to talk to the Geosquad. Brent described the basics of his job and then the teens got to ask him questions.

Brent meeting with the Geosquad.
We wrapped up the day with an exhibit model showcase. The teens explained their exhibit ideas and models to the group. After hearing all the ideas we worked on creating lists of materials we would need to scale up the models for the exhibit.

Exhibit showcase.

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