Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 7: Non-Profit Activity & Finalizing Mock Ups

Today we did an activity to learn more about non-profit organizations in the city and what a non-profit does. For the activity the teens worked in small groups and imagined that they were employees for 3 Rivers Wet Weather. Each group came up with a plan to solve Pittsburgh's combined sewer overflow problem. The three groups came up with some good ideas for solving the problem that included a greenway along the rivers, storage tanks under parking lot, replacing leaking pipes, and providing discounted rain barrels.

Presenting our stormwater solution plans.
The second half of class was spent in project groups for the exhibit. The teens worked on finalizing their mock up plans so we can get ready to send things to the printer for the big opening. The video project group also learned more about filming as well as editing the clips together.

Interview practice to prep for interviewing our Green Professionals.
The house and rain barrel group measured the house so we can get gutters to add and they worked on the rain gardens that will accompany the house.

We've gathered most of the supplies for the house.

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