Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 5: Mock Designs

Last week the Geosquad came up with their team mission for the semester. The mission is to, "Improve the exhibit so that visitors experience and understand “green jobs” and the sustainable solutions that collect, clean, and conserve storm water overflows." Today we looked at the exhibit sketch and tried to create mock (2-D or 3-D) models of one piece of the exhibit.

Brainstorming how water pollution impacts our lives.
One team worked on updating the main information panel of the exhibit. The group created two potential mock maps that allow visitors to learn about where impervious surfaces are in the watershed. Both groups used transparent paper to represent different layers (e.g. trees or roads) on the map.

Potential map design with sliding transparent map layers.
The information group also created a flip panel board to communicate why visitors should care about water pollution. They created two panels describing the value of clean water for recreation, two for health, and two for the economy.

Mock flip panels about how water pollution affects YOU!
Two other teams worked on mocking up the what visitors can do section. There were two ideas for potential rain barrel designs. They both mocked up the main exhibit panel with a roof, downspout and rain barrel.

Rain barrel design 1.
Rain barrel design 2.
The last group worked on designing the rain garden. They used stones, fake grass, and pipe cleaner flowers to represent the components of the garden. 

Rain garden mock up. 
We wrapped up the day with a presentation on ALCOSAN to prepare the teens for their mock debate on Thursday. Teens learned about the two different solutions, grey versus green, to solve Pittsburgh's sewer overflow problems.

Learning about grey and green options in ALCOSAN's plan.

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