Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week 1 Thurdsay October 22: Creating Goals and Playing with Specks

Today we started Energy-Net by continuing our icebreaker from Tuesday. We played a game of social bingo to learn new things about our peers.

Afterwards, we recapped our trip to Filmmakers and presented our findings on the exhibit, took care of some paperwork and went over Energy-Net standards. Then we broke up into groups and discussed what our personal goals are for the program and what we can do to achieve those goals. Two big group goals for this semester are improving communication skills and creating an exhibit that the museum will want to keep. We also talked a lot about being respectful and listening to one another.

The teen then broke up into 2 groups and played with the Specks. They had a lot of fun finding out what will make the particulate counts rise. Some materials they used were baby powder, paper, and carpet squares.

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