Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week 2 Tuesday October 27: What is Air? Atmosphere Components

Today the teens met Justin, our Graduate Researcher. He talked to the group about his research, air quality, and components of our atmosphere. The teens played a fun activity with M&Ms that mimicked our atmosphere's composition. It was a great way for them to visualize how much nitrogen, oxygen, and other elements make up our atmosphere.

After our atmosphere activity, we broke up into our 3 experiment groups. Amanda's team focused on how humans effect air. This group burned different fuel sources in the fume hood and measuring the PM count on the Speck. Tom's group focused on gas mobility and density. This group created carbon dioxide through a mixture and  blew out candles using the gas. Justin's group focused on chemical reactions of air. This group also created carbon dioxide through a mixture and demonstrated the gas by capturing it in balloons. The teens had a lot of fun performing these experiments. Afterwards, we regroups and each experiment team performed their findings.

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