Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 3 Tuesday Novemeber 3: Atmosphere and Sources of Pollution

Today we learned about Parts per Million (ppm), atmosphere and time scale. Justin gave a lesson on the different atmosphere layers and what happens in those layers through a guessing game activity. The students had a lot of fun guessing which layers contained airplanes, satellites, and geological features such as Mt. Everest. They were also very surprised to find what each layer contains.

After our guessing activity, Justin discussed sources of air pollution. He went over sources and the differences between primary and secondary pollutants. The teens then used their research skills to look up the different primary and secondary pollutants, sources and the source's pollutants. It was great to see the teens so engaged in their research! We collected back as a group and went over our findings.

We ended today's session with a scavenger hunt around Oakland. We broke up into three groups and set outside. The teens were given a sheet with clues to find evidence of pollution. After some thinking about the clues, the teens were able to find the different locations: The Natural History Museum, Carnegie Library, Mellon Institute, the Cathedral, the former coal power plant behind the museum and vehicles! It was great getting outside and showing the teens real life examples of what we've been learning in sessions.

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