Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 1: EnergyNet Kickoff Day

Week 1: EnergyNet Kickoff Day

At the first meeting on January 31, 2013, EnergyNet kicked off with a general introduction to the program and a few activities with teens. Here is the breakdown of our first day on the path to interactive exhibit design for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History:

·         3-4pm: General introduction and ice breaker activities with the teens!

o   Pictionary/telephone activity to get to know each other

·         4-5pm: Food burning experiment (nut, marshmallow, chip)

o   Calorie calculation of different foods

·         5-5:30pm: Base camp exploration

o   How to draw ideas from old exhibits for our program

·         5:30-6pm: Wrap up and paperwork

Next week we are looking forward to taking what we learned from calorie calculation to map energy use in personal meals. We plan to map the energy used in making a meal based off of a high impact system, and a low impact system to learn about how our decisions affect our environment.

View all pictures from Week 1 here.

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