Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week 4: Albert Koller Talk and Museum Exploration

Week 4:  Albert Koller Talk and Museum Exploration

After learning about renewable energy last week, EnergyNet went up to the geology hall, February 21st, 2013, to meet Albert Koller, a geologist and invertebrate paleontologist, to get a more in depth perspective on fossil fuels and properties associated with them. Since coal is the primary source of energy in Pennsylvania, we learned about the composition of the resource, and how it is used. Koller also touched upon facts about Marcellus Shale, an extensive source of natural gas that is contained beneath the state of Pennsylvania and neighboring states.

After the lecture, we explored exhibits within the museum to get ideas for activities that we can make for the museum. The halls we explored were:
  1. Discovery Room
  2. Geology Hall
  3. American Indian
  4. Population Impact
  5. Charlie and Kiwi
After the exploration, we headed back down to the classroom to document the day on our mindmap, a continuity diagram that maps what we have learned each week, and how our activities are associated with energy and the environment.

Next week we plan to do personal energy audits in order to figure out what our daily energy consumption is.

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