Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 1: Introduction to Sustainability

Energy-Net students try out their modeling skills in order to solve an environmental problem.
We welcome back Energy-Net interns and students for a semester dedicated to sustainability in watersheds. The team will learn about watersheds, explore CMNH's own watershed, Four Mile Run, and design a creative exhibit displaying what we learned. The first day, we talked about sustainability, then went even further by creating models. The students were presented with environmental issues they had to solve: asthma related to diesel emissions, an invasive species attacking oak trees, polluted rivers, and clogged sewers. Students came up with sustainable solutions in the form of a model and presented to the class.

Energy-Net Students presenting their solutions to an environmental problem.
This activity was used to introduce students to model making in preparation for our final exhibit, a large model representing a watershed. Through the fall term, students will continue to learn about watersheds and sustainable ways to better manage water.

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