Thursday, October 31, 2013

Week 5: Model Making and Halloween

Today is Halloween! A few of the teens came to Energy Net in costume! We celebrated with candy and then the team got down and dirty making models for the December exhibit.

Some of the teens dressed up for Halloween. Lyza was terrifying!
The teens came up with two main activities for the exhibit. The first activity is to make a 3D model of the Four Mile watershed. One group of teens came up with some initial ideas and materials to make a 3D landscape model with hills and valleys. They used a cardboard box, cardboard pieces, brown paper, and tape to form hills and valleys. This is a great start for the model! In the next version the teens want to use a topographic map of the watershed to make the model more realistic.

The beginnings of a 3D watershed model.
The second exhibit activity allows visitors to create a sustainable city. A city diorama with roads and buildings will cover part of the exhibit floor. Visitors will then place green roofs, rain gardens, and rain barrels inside the city and learn how much water the sustainable practices can capture. Visitors will also compare the costs of each practice to choose the most cost effective option.

The teens also played around with using water to show how green roofs and rain barrels soak up and store water. They constructed a model house (cottage cheese container) with tubes as downspouts connected to rain barrels (cups). A sponge on the roof represented a green roof.

Model of a house with a sponge green roof and cups as rain barrels.

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