Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 5: Model Planning

This week, the EnergyNet team dove into exhibit planning. After breaking up into groups, each team planned a "Big Idea" to relay to museum guests. The main themes include: an activity to highlight sustainable water management, a watershed model to demonstrate where the water flows, and an overall informative display as to why this is important. From now on, we are working hard to materialize these ideas.

EnergyNet Teens trying testing out a model for inspiration.
Our wonderful exhibit helper, Maryann, brought a previously used model to help the teens visualize some design ideas. The model demostrates combined-sewer overflow, a common problem in Pittsburgh, and how/if green infrastructure remediates this problem.

The video above displays one of the ideas present by the teens. Their goal is to educate the visitors about sustainable practices to slow down the water and use it productively. These techniques will capture water at the site and be used as opposed to running off into the sewer systems.

Stay tuned for the models created by the EnergyNet crew!

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