Saturday, October 26, 2013

Week 4: Volunteering

The Energy-Net volunteer crew in Panther Hollow.
Today some of the Energy Net crew came out to volunteer for the Panther Hollow Extravaganza in Schenley Park. Our group was selected to do some hard digging. We picked up our shovels and buckets and headed down to the stream at the bottom of the valley. Our task was to dig out the sediment around one of the bridges that crosses the stream. All this sediment deposited during a rainstorm when water eroded dirt and rocks from the hill slides and deposited it in the stream.

Lyza really getting into the mud.
We removed large logs, sticks, rocks, and dirt that blocked the bridge opening. We hauled dozens of buckets full of sediment from around the bridge with just an hour and a half of work. Now water can easily flow under the bridge. With our jeans muddied up and our task complete, we headed back up to Schenley Plaza for some smiley cookies.

The Geo Squad hard at work.

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