Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 4 Thursday November 6th: Fun games, Town Hall debates, and Straight Talk

At Energy-Net, the team had a fun filled Thursday with a rope icebreaker, Rosemary Town Hall Debate and Straight Talk. The Interns also had a little extra fun, as they coordinated their outfits. The day started off with a challenging ice breaker aimed at creative problem solving, and communication skills. The rules are simple, place one hand between two knots; you are not allowed to move your hand over the knots but you may slide your hand along the rope. The ultimate goal is to untie the rope as quickly as possible.

Middle of the Rope Icebreaker Pack trying to untangle the rope.
The middle getting more tangled as they continue their attempt to get untangled.
Teens at the ends of the rope figuring out how to untie the rope.

Afterwards, the group went to receive an overview of the manufacturing legacy in Pittsburgh. Along with this, was how brown-fields in Pittsburgh are being reclaimed into shopping areas. This was preparation for the town hall debate.
Teens having fun with last years exhibit, as we wait for our room to open.
The town of Rosemary is looking to reclaim a brownfield site. To do so they are holding a town hall meeting and are accepting proposals. Present are, a development corporation, manufacturing, concerned citizens and Parks and Recreation. Teens were randomly assigned roles and had to work together to develop proposals for the site.
Favoring cooperation, the teens formed alliances to develop their proposals.
The planning committee receiving the proposals.
In  the end, the committee decided that more time was needed and the proposals each had strengths and weaknesses. At a future date and time the committee would convene again to discuss the reclaimation of the the brown-field site.

Finally, the Teens delivered Straight Talk to the educators and interns.

Day 1 of Themed Outfits: Small Woodland Creatures 

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