Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week 5: Tuesday November 11, 2014 Museum Perspectives with Kaleen

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Today was when we really started to think about the audience of our museum exhibit. Kaleen came in and talked to us about what makes a good exhibit, and who our audience may be. We then embarked on a quest inside the museum, observing current exhibits. We were given cards that gave us the roles of audiences we didn’t relate to and had to see if these exhibits appealed to that audience. For example, my group was given cards that read: college student on crutches and a family with a toddler and stroller.  We took notes based on the questions, “Is the exhibit working?” and “Who is the exhibit working for?” We got into character and really considered if the exhibit worked well for our audience. Then, we met up with Kaleen and the rest of the group at the moose in the wildlife exhibit to discuss our findings. 

Later, once we returned to the classroom, we began the evaluation stations activity. Buckets were scattered around the room with post-its inside that contained questions for us to complete. We wrote about what he would like to overhear our visitors saying at our exhibit and even had the opportunity to draw what we thought our exhibit might look like. After we completed these questions, we all agreed that drawing the final product was the hardest out of all of the evaluation stations. 

Thank you to Kaleen for joining us on Tuesday! 

Can’t wait to see what Thursday brings.

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