Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 5: Thursday November 13, 2014 Timeline Time!

  Thursday at Energy-Net, the team began by completing the evaluation activities with those who couldn’t attend Tuesday’s meeting. These evaluation activities were set up to evaluate what we had learned so far in our time with the program and what we hope to accomplish in our museum activities and final exhibit.  Lauren then led the group in a discussion that got everyone involved.

(Lauren leading a discussion)
(Finalizing our goals!)

Later, we finalized our goals for the content of our activities and exhibits. After that, we went to the art museum to see how art can communicate and teach content. Everyone participated by taking notes. These were then mapped in our timeline. We can’t wait to see where our brainstorming goes and what our final project will look like!
(Jordy and Alexus checking out some art.)

(Roe and Zora taking notes in the art museum.)

(Our timeline!)

Can't wait to see what next week will bring! See you then! 

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