Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 6: Thursday November 20th - Activity Designing Time

Today we focused on creating our activities that we would test on Saturday in the museum. However, before that we played hangman as an icebreaker/warmup activity.

Afterwards we broke up into our groups, which were each led by an intern or one of the educational staff members, and began working on our projects. We used the materials we had requested and got creative when we didn't know what materials to use. The activities ranged from a video, to games, and even a gigantic historical timeline activity.

Two of the groups working on compiling information and assembling/putting together their activities

One of the teens working on the timeline activity

The movie group working on turning their information into a script that was later recorded

At the end of the day, we determined what still needed to be completed before Saturday afternoon and made plans for when and how we would finish the activities. Hopefully the museum visitors will like what we created for them!  

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